This is the way.

Secret Giveaway!


WINNER: Patrick (ramsred****

Congratulations, Patrick! I'll send you an email shortly asking you for some more details :D

Here's some dope Baby Yoda stuff you could win!

Small caveat... I created this giveaway and put the Yoda clue in my video BEFORE I realized that there's almost zero Baby Yoda and/or Mando merch out yet 😳 The products in the photos below are from Amazon, for merch that is available now or will be out soon! 

So while I can't guarantee what merch will be available, I promise I'll make it worth your while :)

And of course here are some more pictures of Baby Yoda because Baby Yoda. kbye :)

Baby Yoda 1.jpg
Baby Yoda 4.jpg
Baby Yoda 2.jpg

Oh oh oh!

And if you're wondering WHY I made such an unfindable giveaway without asking for anything in return, like a "Follow me on Insta" or "Hit that subscribe button to enter!", it's because of this:

Welcome to Project Spark!